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About us

Red Pixel Ink (RPI) is the self-publishing arm of SEVENHORNS Publishing (a SEVENHORNS Company). Our goal is to give a hand on approach to hybrid self-publishing services. We believe everyone is an author because everyone has a story to tell. Unfortunately, many of these unknown authors lack the finances, credentials and representation to warrant the attention of traditional publishers. As a result, their manuscripts don't get the attention to detail and quality afforded to mainstream authors. The multitude of do-it-yourself options from Amazon’s KDP to the endless number of vanity presses available either provides little help, poor quality, or offers overpriced services. 


We created Red Pixel Ink to solve these issues by focusing on quality and providing  simple hybrid packages and a-la-cart services that cater to the specific needs of underrepresented authors with a story to tell. Our services are malleable to you, the author. If you don’t see a package that fits your needs, let’s chat and we’ll customize it. 

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